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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  November 24, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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russian plane shot out of the sky; turkish officials say they did it. now nato gets involved. pay what you can. fare policy. is it safer to smoke. this special report is today. good morning, to you everyone. on this tuesday before thanksgiving. i'm jadiann thompson. >> i'm christa delcamp. you can almost taste the dressing or stuffing. >> i think stuffing. it's stuffing. i've been converted. reiner. this. stuff.
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worcester, 27. mostly sunny skies in new england. clouds through new york and pennsylvania and couple of failure is reported through new york state. otherwise we have dry conditions all across the northeast. mostly sunny skies here. metro boston through the afternoon. normal high temp talk about numbers in the 40. this afternoon in the city around 44. brockton, 43. new bedford 44. merrimack valley the numbers in the 40s. and then again travelling today a fair amount of sunshine. there's more cloud western new england and into new york state. but even there on the through today. a lot of clouds but dry out there. let's turn it over to new traffic reporter daniel girsh. we have a lot of work ahead today. definitely a busy travel day. couple of incidents to tell you about too. this is route one. it's not looking too bad. i want to go to maps and show you we have an accident on route one southbound at essex street blocking the left lane.
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on 95 northbound at 495. and this is mansfield. on the pike another incident corner. the pike a slow drive now. and then heading out of town the today. right around 5:00 one of busiest travel days of the week. the expressway still slow from the split to the tunnel. 24-minute drive. from heading southbound 12317 minutes? russian president vladimir putin said the downing of their russian jet is a quote blow in the back from turkey. turkish official say they slot it down because they ignored warning to lee the area. according to russian defense ministry the plane on bombing mission and didn't violate
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turkish airspace. one russian pilot is dead and the fate of the other is unknown. nato will hold an emergency meeting >> traveller on alert as we enter one of the busiest travel days of the year. it's not the busiest increased terror threat leaving the u.s. state department to issue a worldwide travel alert. let's go to victoria warren live for us this morning in logan. vicki, we're all being urged, i guess to exercise vigilance when we're out in public; right? >> they want travellers to be aware of their surrounding at all time. the timing of this is terrible. but the state department said that's a threat is very real and that's why they are issuing this travel advisory during the very busy thanksgiving holiday travel week. terrorism can strike anywhere. that's the word from the u.s. state department as they issue a worldwide travel advisory during the busiest travel week of the year. it's kind of scary out there. right now.
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it's in reaction to several recent terror attack in france, mali, denmark, turkey, and a russian airliner that was brought down with a bomb. the state department said if you go to foreign country for the holidays, you may want to avoid crowded festivals and be on alert when using public transportation. travellers say any increase in security did not seem to effect them. maybe a little bit. but not too much. it didn't slow it down. we had an easy time getting in and out of the airport. make shoe your family knows where you are going and how to get in touch. be ready to change your plans if necessary. anden though they say the recent attack show dramatic expansion many traveller say they are not going to let fear ruin their plans. i think there's certain precautions that need to be in place. sometimes there's an overreach of security. >> this travel advisory isn't just for this week. it will extend throughout the
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fact it's not set to expire until the end of february. live from logan airport, victoria warren 7news "today in new england." rgs we have breaking overnight four people have died in a helicopter crash at fort hood. officials say the crews on routine training mission that's when the chopper went down. the cause of the crash is being investigated now. new this morning 29-year-old eberly women is arrested on drunk driving charges after she hit a state trooper. that trooper working a traffic detail in foxboro. happened around midnight. troopers taken to the hospital to be looked out but is expected to be okay. and to the deflate gate football controversy now. we official know tom brady will not miss any game. they found in new york nfl's appeal of the case will not be heard until march 3rd one month after the super bowl is played. so brady can play all of the games this year regardless of what happens with the appeal. back in september you probably
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remember a judge threw out brady's game suspension. it's a perfect ten for the patriots now. they keep their undefeated season alike with whacky win against the bills. >> if injure plagued season continues with more players going out in pain. danny danny amendola hurt. >> it was the patriots best performance but the win is a win. it's good to win against the good defense. win.
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but while the running back provided plenty of offense the receiving core suffer hits. aaron dobson left last night's game with ankle injury and danny amendola didn't return after injuring his left knee. pats down to just two healthy receivers. just got to keep playing. guys are stepping up. throughout the game. everyone has to work together. >> we have team of competitive guys that want to play. injuries. but guys get in there. >> with the record now at 10-and-0 pats are two games ahead of cincinnati and denver for the best report in afc. now the team is preparing to head to denver for another prime time showdown. it's obviously hard to get to this point. you know every time goes to dufrnt things. we've kind of withstood a lot. we have to keep fighting. patriot match up with the broncos next week on sunday night football. you can see that on 7 nbc.
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byron barnett. 7news "today in new england." several board members want to people. they are considering discounting riders. jennifer eagon joining us with jen? >> jadiann, good morning. student and senior citizens can get reduced fare everyone else pays the same price. some board members would like to change that. at this point this is really just an idea being considered by board members. while some say they wouldn't want to raise fares. there was a plane unveiled. some board members in the state's transmission secretary raise the issue of implementing affordability. how would the t keep track of who paid what. we spoke to couple of t rider to get their thoughts on what they think about reduced rates for some riders.
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>> if you can't get from point a to b. you're out of luck. i don't have a problem with that. even. board. >> why do you think that? enough. even if they make more you can't hiccup. the mbda expected to raise fares sometime next summer. they would unveil some options in january and then vote in february. right now this is one of the issue being considered. live in boston. jennifer eagan,7 news "today in new england." now to story you will see on just one station. school bruce driver in medford off the job after he let a stranger inside with 18 elementary school students onboard. parent. he stopped. and she got on. thises on friday. well he quickly realized that wasn't the case as she appeared
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>> he had asked her to leave the bus. she refused his request on numerous occasions. and started to walk up and down the is length of the bus. by the time police aarrived people nearby had talked the women off the bus. now they decide whether or not to charge her with trespassing. new details about the pregnant wife murdered in indiana. two men are facing charges in connection with this crime. police say they shot and killed 28-year-old amanda blackburn earlier this month. she was 13 weeks pregnant. her 1-year-old sons sleeping in his crib at the time. police arrested 21-year-old jalen watson and 18-year-old larry taylor. home. murder. the victim's husband said he wants to be angry but he is deciding to love and not hate. police in new orleans arresting a suspect in the shooting of good samaritan whos need.
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after finding his suv. police say that cane shot a friday night. the victims trying to stop him from dragging a women down the street. cane shot the man in the chest. and tried to fire two more shots before the gun jammed. hard video to watch. potentially they were saying that saved his life. clear lye he's in the hospital had that gun not jammed. we'll take a closer look at new smoking sensation that some candy. mostly sunny but chilly temperatures through the day. 40s. also a baby with a brain tumor showing incredible signings of improvement and now her parents are talking about how the pope's visit may have
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it's 9:13 on this tuesday morning. what a cold start to this day we've had. >> it seems colder to me. i know we've had a long stretch of cold weather. for just some reason tonights seemed like the worst to me. i don't know why. >> weather subjective and one morning feels cold the next morning you are like i can handle this. cold day through the day. roads are dry. and that's the case for several days. holiday warmth temperatures will warm as we head toward thanksgiving. and the day after. temps this morning boflt of low of 29. norwood 16. and through the morning hours through the 30s. the first part of the month at one point this was off to the third warmest november on record. but now with all this recent cold it's knocking it further down the list. we went from fifth to seventh place today. by tomorrow we will be perhaps
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just like that eroding the warm start to the month. lower 30s. city at 34. worcester 27. the other thing about this cold air is that very dry. have you noticed the skin perhaps starting to crack and static in the hair. perhaps you do care. dewpoints will stay low. that's good. a sign of dry air. high pressure to south. not moving much today. as we work toward tomorrow and thursday south of new england into this position for thanks giving. that will set up southerly flow. at that time on thursday that's when we start to warm. temperatures will read the middle 50. the trade off that we will see more clouds around on thursday. looks like mostly cloudy day. dry day all day long. temps this afternoon lots of sunshine. 40 to 45. normal high the 49. this afternoon around 44. scituate, 44. into the worcester hills upper 30s to low 40s.
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on the cape and island. nantucket 45. provincetown. 44. clear, cold, lows, 22 to 29. for tomorrow continuation of sunshine. cool conditions with temperatures tomorrow in the upper 40s. travelling today metro boston it's we'll snarly mid-to-late afternoon. at least you will have dry conditions all the way across i-90 through the new york state throughway into the middle part of the nation dry. again tomorrow if you hop on airplane tomorrow some scattered showers in the southeast as well as portions of california. san francisco down to lax. nothing significant from coast-to-coast. closer to home. few peeks of sun but mild especially friday. look at that. low 60s. jr, thank you. time to see who did it better in this week's competition was it jadiann. the person shes taking on during this spin competition? >> spin class. hard enough to take.
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i took on celebrity chef. we each had a chance to teach a exinox in boston. the winner. it's all up to viewers who wins the challenges >> here are the results. jadiann wins it 68%. tiffany with 32%. her record now 3-and-1. not to be political. good job. you kept it high energy. the play list were great and it was fun. we had a really fun time doing it. in case you didn't see the episode earlier. we each took each other's class. we had to be energetic to get through each other's class and teach our own. those spinning teacher do a nice job. it's exhausting. i saw she had her eyes on you. you had the take the class before you caught. you weren't that out of breath. if you haven't been over to
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restaurant. sweet checks go trying the biscuit. that's coming from and then go spin it off. vaping the new smoking sensation. cigarette? baby-sitter charged with kidnapping appearing in court
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massachusetts. they've been in effect for a few weeks already. it hasn't diminished the popularity at all. new vaping stores seem to pop up all over the place. there's some who think the safety of the liquids nicotine is still a little bit hazy. elizabeth norreco reports >> it's probably the hottest thing to hit the market. proof this puffing is becoming very popular. >> this is our grand opening cloud competition. this is manager of boston's vapor. the battery powered devices atomizi the liquid nicotine in flavors known as just. i low it. they say there's no harm. not everyone is convinced.
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combustible cigarette and likely to be safer doesn't mean it's in and of itself safe. tobacco free math. the day of high school smoking area may have been locked in the 80. today's young people start vape and use e cigarettes more under the perception they are safe. message. carcinogens in the product. because there's no smell or smoke it's hard for parents or school staff to know kids are vague and ambiguousing if they don't catch them in the act. bubble gum, peach, cherry. >> this essex mom said she's concerned about the flavor appeal and about vaping catching on with teens >> almost makes me had as a parent. we have enough we're trying to safely me naufer them to adulthood. it just seems in poor taste to
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it. so available. and clearly marketed to kids? they do spot checks to make sure stores are not selling vaporizors to anyone under 18. the records show less than 15% of stores over the past year sold to minors. adult who sounded the cloud competition will continue to electronically puff away with no wordies. boston vapor manager said she been vaping for two years now and feels it's completely safe. if i grow a tail in five years so be it. this is what it like to do and it got me off of smoking and that's what matters. right now it's not regulated by the federal government. the wls looking over plans that would would put vaping under the fda authority. a child's tumor undetectable
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pope francis trip proves to be life changing experience for one family. he kissed a 1-year-old girl a brian tumor. his parents call what happened next a miracle. kim khazei has more. . >>reporter: it's the little kiss gianna called the miracle on market. they insist that quick kiss is partially responsible for her quick recory. i think all this is from god. the pope is just was a messengerer from god. >> 1-year-old has a rare inoperable brian tumor.
9:25 am
her brain cells attacked her brain stem weeks after birth. they showed up for the papal parade expecting maybe a quick glance. thanks to friend from fbi -- oh, my god. and see the man holding gianna. he's the pope's bodyguard. dominique is older brother. they say the similar names is intervention. and they believe the proof is in the scan. here's the scan taken in late spontaneous kiss. october. you can hardly see the tumor. and in so many of the cuts it's just a blur. gianna parent insist her future is bright and they can't wait to sit down and show her tell her what a difference one
9:26 am
last year aboutlying in honor of her now we're going to give with her. kim khazei, 7news "today in new england." wow. she's come a long way. her father said she spent the first eight months in her life in hospice care. we wish them obviously the best. her recovery. when we come back we have more on overnight developments oversea. the latest on russian warplane shot down by the turk ish military. sunny and chilly throughout the day. holiday forecast up next. the pats are perfect 10-and-0. they suffered serious setbacks. we'll talk about that too.
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message. join us for real change. turkey shoots down russian
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as million get ready to go away for the holiday. there's a worldwide travel warning out today. a local high school student is helping her classmates stay warm. thinking of staying warm today is day you bring out, glove, hat, scarf and coat. notice their hats where in the bag. put it back on. i was really cold yesterday afternoon. hopefully they will have the hat on this afternoon. because it will be much like yesterday afternoonment. cold afternoon. cold right now. low 30s. the city at 34. plymouth at 32 with mostly sunny sky. there's a few more clouds once you move out of new england. and some of those are spilling into western new england. but it looks like we've got snow out here. nothing being reported.
9:29 am
pokanose. normal high 39. shy of that a few degrees. later today 44 through the south coast out on to cape and temps mid 40s. merrimack valley low-to-mid 40s. then you will head down 95 corridor temperature warm to low 50s. and right now let's go to fast track traffic. >> good morning, everyone. still a couple of trouble spots out there. you can see the connector still slow. zacem flowing nicely. let's go to maps now. north of town our accident in saugus on route one is cleared. no major delays there. 93 southbound from 128 that's a slow drive. the pike this will be a mess later on to snd right now this accident newton. it's backed up beyond 495.
9:30 am
south of town at 495 we have this accident in mansfield. there's a car in the woods there. and then the expressway the split into boston still about 23-minute drive. if you get ready to head tout door plan for some traffic throughout the day today. the expressway split to tunnel is 24 minutes. the pike into town from 128, 18 minutes. 93 southbound still backed up about half an hour from 128 to the zakem bring, back to you guy. officials in turkey say they shot down a russian warplane. turk ish leaders say the plane flew over the country and the pilot's ignores several warning to lee the area. russia denies that. meantime russian official say the plane was on bombing mission in syria. rubble group have recovered the body of russian pilot and are searching to find the second crewmember. the group also said they will consider exchanging the airmen for prisoners held by the syrian government. nato also planning to hold
9:31 am
emergency meeting on this. travellers are on alert as we enter one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. increased terrorist threat leading to issue a worldwide travel alert. victoria warren live at logan airport and u.s. citizens are urged to exercise vigilance when in public places >> the state department wants everyone to constantly be aware of their surroundings understanding that the timing o this is terrible. that's why they issue this worldwide travel advisory during the busy thanksgiving travel week. terrorism can strike anywhere. that's the word from the u.s. state department as they issue a worldwide travel advisory during the business yest travel week of the year. in reaction to terror attack. h france, mali and russian
9:32 am
airliner brought down with a bomb. if you go to foreign country for the holidays, you may want to avoid crowded festivals and be on alert when using public transportation. traveller say any increase in security did not seem to effect them. maybe a little bit. we had an easy time getting in and out of the airport. if you travel make sure your family knows where you are going andow to get in touch. be ready to change your plans if necessary. anden though security expert say the recent attack show a dramatic expansion of the deadly reach of isis. traveller say they are not going to let fear ruin their plans. i think that there's that need to be in place. i think sometimes maybe there's an overreach of security. this travel advisory not just for the week but the entire holiday travel season. it's not set to expire until the end of february. live from logan airport. victoraire warren 7 news "today
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in new england." state police say a trooper hit by an accused drunk driver near the end of last night: patriot's game. happened on route one in foxboro around midnight. the 29-year-old driver will be charged with driving under the influence. she's also expected in court today. in the mean time troopers taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. massachusetts state police say one lane is getting through on interstate 91 south following a truck fire but a detour still in place at exit 1 there's no injuries involved in this. charges against man from besterly accused of strangling his wife will be upgraded to murder. 45-year-old axel is due in court today. he wept to the police station last monday and confessed to the crime. his estranged wife died saturday from injury she suffered during an attack inside her home. he choked her with a strings of her sweatshirt. philip chism murder trial on
9:34 am
the jury saw some newers showing cris m after prosecutors say he raped and killed his high school math teacher in danvers. juror saw the picture that you are looking out on monday. prosecutors say the images show chism walking around the school at some point he's wearing a mask. at other times he's seen completely in full view. the jury saw some new surveillance video of him buying movie ticket and stopping by wholesale club. he is visited both locations hours after her death. >> baby-sitter accused of kidnapping a hamilton girl is held without bail this morning while she undergoes a psychiatric evaluation. chris anderson joining with us why the judge thinks she may not be mentally fit to stand trial. >> jadiann, she may end up be held for evaluation for 20 days to see if she's indeed fit to stand trial. two had to help her in court and hold her up.
9:35 am
tried to interview the 21-year-old. abigail just sat there on the ground and nodded yes or no add i think she shows multiple psychotic symptoms including hallucinatins. her parent reported her missing from their home in hamilton last friday. according to a search warrant they told police about hanna immediate save they recently fired her as baby-sitter. hours later a couple found the toddler on the side of the road in raleigh, 8 miles away from her home. she was naked. and she had cigarette burns on her and her head was shaved. when they first interviewed hanna she said she didn't know the family. they added she had dirt on her face and twig in her hair but claimed she had that happen her while chasing a stray cat. police did find dirty baby clothes hidden in pillow case inside of her home in topsfield.
9:36 am
she due back in court sometime next month. that's the latest from the newsdesk. chris anderson 7news "today in new england." and before last night game the pat paid atouching tribute to the teenager from sharon killed by terrorist overseas in israel. we would like to honor with a moment of violence. and once again that's the scene in foxboro last night she was shot and killed last week he was studying abroad in volunteering at the time and he was laid to rest over the weekend. this morning everyone is talking about a questionable call made against the pat during last night's game. it didn't cost them in the end. this morning nfl admits the refuses made a mistake. byron barnett has more from gillette stadium. >> what a crude night of plays. everyone is left scratching
9:37 am
nights a game in d we're ng free that ended up being a good play for us. i wish i would have converted into more point. they lost track of where the ball was and blew his whistle by mistake. they were given the ball where amendola caught it. i looked like he could have ran for a bigger game. the game will come to an end. on the final play of the game bills appeared to stop the clock with a chance for one final throw to the end zone but the ref said he didn't make the sideline and about that controversial call involving
9:38 am
danny amendola, nfl admitted the official made a mistake. in foxboro, byron barnett 7news "today in new england." >> new this morning rhode island house speaker aproveed subpoena calling for red sox pitcher kurt schilling to speak before the committee and his failed videogame company. schilling may not have to appear because subpoena can't be enforced outside of rhode island and schilling still leaves in massachusetts. a committee reviewing the loan he received for moving company. 38 studio declared bankruptcy two years later. more than 75,000 has been donated on go fund me page to rebuild animal shelter after fire destroyed that building. dozens of dogs and cats sadly died in the fire. last night about 200 people attended a vigil to remember them. some people also donated supplies to help rebuild the shelter. the fire swept through 37 cats
9:39 am
five animal managed to survive. >> there was nothing wrong with the shelter or rescue dogs. they are just homeless. but they are good dogs. they are very good dogsment. and they are very good cats. they were just animals waiting for homes. they were our family. we have a lot of volunteers that loff the animals? investigator say the fire does not appear to be suspicious. if you would like to make a donation to help out you can more than welcome to find additional information on our web site. happening today french president i arriving at andrews air force base. happening just moments ago. while here he will meet with president obama at the white house that will happen this morning. nbc news reports the french leader will ask the president obama for more american troops to help fight isis. still ahead, winter weather moves in a local teen is lending
9:40 am
helping hand had to those in need. cold to start the week. then we warm heading for 60 degrees by friday. forecast up next. apparel will cool down to [ both ] [ quickly ] the news is good! [ quickly ] sports win! doors open thursday,
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this thursday, will drop to record lows. ken, how are you getting ready for this deal? with subtle hints... barbie, i want an hdtv. doors open thursday 6 pm at target. this the big day when it comes not just to holiday travel but last-minute errands you forget ingredients you need to
9:42 am
go back to grocery. five or 15 times. honey can you pick up the cranberry sauce. are you doing any of those errands yet? >> i will go to boston public market right after. i have to get cheese. i get it -- >> wife been down there before. i've got my list. ready to tackle this issue. ky d this. i know i can. lots of sunshine. honey i can't do it. i forget the cheese again. cold again through the day. dry roads next several day. we start to warm things up by the end of the week. orange squares indicating warm days. blue squares chilly days. we started off warm. at one point about 8 degrees above normal. we'll have the cold continuing today and tomorrow a little bit. although tomorrow the testimonies are close to normal. by thursday and friday jet stream will look like this. and temporarily sends warmth back up into new england. 50s and 60s. 50s on thursday. thanksgiving.
9:43 am
afternoon. then the cold looks to return for the weekend itself. right now boston 34. worcester at 27. high pressure is with us. with all sorts of sunshine. although through pennsylvania and new york not doing such a great joblying up to name. we have a lot of cloud and couple of snow flurries in those locations. nothing significant. the high will continue to cruise south of new england over the next couple of day. once into this position here on thursday we'll set up souther i will flow. that's what will help to warm us into the 50s. the trade off that southerly flow coming from the atlantic clouds. i don't think there's rain. your 5-k races. high school football game thursday and then just getting your steps with your fit bit and working off the carbs on thursday afternoon. 40s today. 40 to 45 throughout the afternoon.
9:44 am
boston the normal high of 49. around 44 this afternoon frame ingham at 42. clear, cold, lows into the 20 and for more tomorrow mostly sunny skies. closer to normal tomorrow. that normal of 49. 48 pretty close. travelling across the northeast today. no travel issues and if you fly out of new england today and more so tomorrow no storminess. there's unsettled weather in the center part of the nation. no significant weather. chicago, atlanta, fine no weather issues there. even on the west coast rain showers san francisco and l.a. but nothing significant. have fun. okay. we will. high school student pitching in to help those in need get ready for winter >> with the colder weather on the way she's collecting hundreds of coats hat and gloves to give away. the cause is very close to her. adam williams has the whole story. earmuffs. head bands for the winter. >> high school senior is making
9:45 am
sure her fellow student stay warm this year. >> makes you feel really good. like i'm doing thing. i always wanted to do something to help people. she asked for clothing donations. she noticed some students couldn't afford warm winter clothes >> i felt like they should have better clothes. thises her third and large drive. some new, some slightly used and her friends are amazed. we started off with small amounts then she kept bringing more and more and more. kelsea you did all of this. a lot of kids will come. even though people say they may be embarrassed. if they need it. if they need a coat they will come and get one. she's handing out clothings today and tomorrow for anyone in need. she's a role model. i'm adam williams, 7news "today
9:46 am
in new england." the kids are so scheduled with all their activity after school it's kind o take a stem back and think about other people. she's clearly done that. it's so inspiring. >> it absolutely is. i love she knows her efforts whatever she is do. she can manage still makes a difference. if we all took that attitude there would be more good in the world. >> thank you for that inspiration. >> up next:this the controversy about concussions. nfl facing critisism after a quarterback left in game after a pretty hard hit yesterday. coming up in the buzz u 2 schedules paris concert. we'll have more of those
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>> fan raising concern after a quarterback so here's what happeneded. he suffer what appeared to be
9:49 am
really bad head injuriy. but he was allowed to stay playing in the game. >> 7 talked to fans in foxboro whether the nfl is doing enough to protect the players. >> he was in la la land the minute he got off the ground. they should have pulled him out. that's a nasty head injury. they should have pulled him out. concussions aren't something to play with. they react to hit that didn't seem horrible until the ram quarterback stumbled to get up. >> he looked like he was dazed. ihink he shouldn't have been back in there. commitment to protect against head injury football fans say there's no reason why he should have been allowed to stay in the game. question how and why the team medical staff signed off on him to go back on to the field. i thought that was the rest of
9:50 am
two plays later he fumbles. you know somethings wrong. it was pretty obviously that he was out on his feet. i think a lot of this is window dressing. but the nfl. their priorities they proven their priorities are in the wrong place for more than a year now. . kelly o'hara, 7 news "today in new england." >> wow. it makes you wonder; right? >> it certainly does. with all the awareness and all of the discussion taking place about this. i think it's surprising move why so many people talk about it >> good to see fans are more concerned about the health and safety of the players. ultimately. have kids at home or moms or dads whatever. the buzz is coming up next. see why the president is making a special appearance in the rock video.
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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>> topping the buzz today u2 rescheduling concert in paris. they pushed the back the day in the wake of the terror attacks there. the band will take the stage in paris coming up monday december 7th. the concert will be aired live on hbo lead singer released a statement saying it will put best on for the city of lights. well cold play will be using a presidential sample for upcoming. they take a clip from one of his speeches. the president broke into amazing grace if you remember. cold play a head full of dreams comes out next month. i also think that gwinneth paltrow performs on it. chris martins ex wife along with his girlfriend too which is a little bit bizarre. j.r.? >> are you on it too? >> i'm not. no.
9:54 am
he never returned my phone calls. i don't know what happened. boston, 37. beverly, 35. bedford, 30. sunshine for the day. and temps this afternoon heading for the low-to-mid 40s >> enjoy the rest of your morning everyone. thanks for watching today. we' i finally did it! ew. let sparkle paper towels it's perfect for cleaning spills... ...desktops... ...and chalkboards. sparkle. because it's a messy world out there.
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hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing, sweetie. of a flower pot. s the? right. s being a food paparazzi. just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic. dessert! happy anniversary. life is mucho, and grande. life is eating, laughing, loving and a place to enjoy it together. it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message. join us for real change.
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day is the day.
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